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Food Another mouth-watering suya infused sitting featuring the mouthwatering plantain pie. Sure to be a road-blocker. Date: Sunday 28th April Time: 2pm-8pm Price: £5 More info…(Read More)

Food Bank Holiday Bloc Party. We’ll be providing non-stop vibes all day, with guest DJs, cocktails, games and of course food from yours truly. Come and catch a vibe a with us we return to Peckham, in true South London style. Date: Sunday 5th May Time: 12pm-midnight Price: Free More info…(Read More)

Market Tee and journal shop from Plantain Papers. Sounds from K2rah and Rabiah (Creole Cuts). Drinks from Peckham Springs. Plantain canapés from several aunties and uncles. Vibes from you. Date: Thursday 9th May Time: 8pm-midnight Price: Free…(Read More)

Market London’s best selectors, sellers and labels set up shop at Peckham Springs. Whether you’re looking for a present for Dad, a rare-as-hen’s-teeth Brazilian 45, or that elusive 12” to complete the set, there’s something for everyone! Date: Saturday 25th May Time: Midday-6pm Price: Free…(Read More)

Exhibition An exhibition and zine fair featuring playful illustration, insightful prose, artwork, and poetry which tackles things side on, wanders and meanders, and sometimes steps on the cracks. Date: Thursday 12th September Time: 7pm-11pm Price: Free More Info…(Read More)

Workshop Get crafty this festive period with a bespoke wreath making workshop. Use your artistic talent to create a natural Christmas wreath using foliage, decoration and materials supplied at the venue.The class will start with a small demonstration on how to create the base of the wreath with ideas boards, then on to decorate…(Read More)

Market Come along and find vintage clothing, furniture, jewellery, art work, prints, crafts and many more. Date: Sunday 7th April Time: 11am-5pm Price: Free More info…(Read More)

Market Peckham Springs are pleased to be part of KERB’s new weekly Saturday market in Peckham. Bringing street food, produce, craft and art it will be a hive of activity for the community! Date: Every Saturday from 1st Sept Time: 11am – 4pm Price: Free More Info…(Read More)

Market After the roaring success of their first markets with us, Green Rooms are back! Join us for a plant-filled market featuring local, independent stall holders selling indoor and outdoor plants, pots, botanical art and everything in-between for green fingers. Date: Saturday 30th March Time: 11am-4pm Price: Free More Info…(Read More)